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Microblading is a permanent makeup solution to sparse brows. Tiny hair strokes of ink are tattooed into the brow to give you fuller, darker, more symmetrical brows.

The artist will consult with you on the ideal style, map your face to find the perfect shape, and color match the best shade of ink to use. 

This service includes a self neutralizing ink to give the best healed color results. 

Service is about 2 hours which includes numbing, mapping, color matching and beautiful brows.

Heal time is around 10 days. Full heal time under the skin is around 45 days.

You will experience some scabbing or flaking skin and the color will slightly disappear and reappear lighter.

Everyone heals differently and your artist will recommend proper aftercare and a follow up touch-up appointment.

This service is recommended with an additional touch-up after 45 days.

Book with artist MOLLY

Intial $400 | Touch-up $150 | Yearly Maintenance $250

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