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Facial Services

Signature Facial

This facial has it all!

Deep cleanse, scrub exfoliation, jelly mask, LED treatment with a dewy finish.

You’ll leave glowing reviews! 

Service $75 | 60 minutes 


Acne Facial

Help treat and prevent stubborn acne with professional grade deep pore cleansing products and devices. Extraction, high frequency, LED therapy and calming mask included.

Service $90 | 60 minutes 


Remove hair and dead skin with this gentle and effective facial.

Cleanse, dermaplane, LED treatment, and nourishing serums. 

Service $90 | 60 minutes 


Microdermabrasion facial will have you doing a double take. Remove dull, dead skin with our diamond tip machine to even skin tone and diminish file lines and wrinkles.

Includes LED treatment and hyaluronic acid serum. 

Service $90 | 60 minutes 

Chemical Peel

Looking for a more intense treatment?

With this service, a peeling solution is applied to chemically exfoliate dead skin for a brighter more radiant looking face. Your esthetician will discuss the best peel to meet your skin type and desired results. Some peels will help even skin tone and discoloration; others may diminish fine lines and wrinkles. A chemical peel with expedite the skins natural cell turn over rate. In some cases, visible skin peel may occur.

Results vary and a series are treatments may be required.

An additional charge may be applied for stronger deeper peels.   

Service $90 | 45 minutes 



Microneedling is one of the most effective skin treatments. It is a way of safe minimally invasive procedure to stimulate the body's natural response to generate new skin cells, stimulate elastin and collagen production in order to make the skin more firm. As we age, the elasticity depletes and may need a boost. 

A series of sessions of microneedling can lift, rejuvenate, tighten, and break up scar tissue caused by acne or trauma to the skin. 

Service $200 | 45 minutes 

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