New CDC Guidelines for your appointment:

Arrive exactly at your appointment time. Please remain in your car until your appointment time. Our door is locked and will be opened at your appointment time.

Please wear a mask that securely covers your nose and mouth. At this time it is required. Masks are to be worn the entirety of your visit.

Please head to the restroom upon entry. Wash your hands and eyelashes. Hand washing is required. Clean lashes will help the bonding process and allow for the best retention.

New Clients:

Please book an initial set.

If you have eyelash extensions from a different salon, please book an extended fill. We love to have an amazing consultation and additional time to correct any extensions.

If you do not like your lashes or they hurt or feel heavy, please book a removal and an initial set. If you arrive with lashes that are glued together, we will not be able to fill them correctly. You may need a removal and a full set. We will do our best to work with you on the terms of the appointment.

When in doubt, BOOK AN INITIAL SET!

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